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9 Views Racist thug turns on Coles shopper after she calls him out
A woman was left with blood gushing down her face after she confronted a man for calling an Indian shopper a 'black dog'. Police are still searching for the man who allegedly physically abused Melbourne shopper Simone Wibenga after she confronted him at the Preston Coles. Ms Wibenga tried to talk to the man after she reportedly saw him teasing a woman with Indian appearance at the checkout.
Post date : 2018-02-21 00:57 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views When you get caught having a late night snack
Dog standing up on a sink trying to get food gets scared when it's owner yells "hey!" at him. "When your girl catches you looking at her phone"
Post date : 2018-02-19 00:31 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views Reporter hit by football (soccer) ball on live TV
He barely flinches.Location: Belgium
Post date : 2018-02-19 00:44 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views HUMAN BACKPACKS? Apparently This Is What They Call Fashion These Days…
Backpacks have been all the rage lately and designer Rick Owens decided to incorporate the trend into his Spring/Summer 2016 show in quite an interesting way at Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 1. The first models hit the runway in sheer sleeveless coats and dresses with asymmetrical hemlines, while the rest followed sporting a human backpack. Yes, you read that right.
Post date : 2018-02-19 00:46 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views Comedian Kevin Hart makes an Ass of Himself while Drunk video-bombing After the Eagles Super Bowl Win
Like many Philadelphia Eagles fans, comedian Kevin Hart just wanted to celebrate the team’s first Super Bowl victory. He was able to do just that … until he tried to get on the stage during the Super Bowl trophy presentation. As Darrell Green was bringing the Lombardi Trophy up to the stage, NBC cameras caught a member of NFL security denying Hart from trying to get up there during the celebration.
Post date : 2018-02-19 00:57 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views Shocking moment drug driver runs down two cyclists
A driver who had just injected methamphetamine and adrenaline before he hit two cyclists has been jailed for three years. The man fled the scene after mowing down two cyclists who were on a charity bike ride in Esperance in Western Australia in 2015. Off-duty police officer Roberta Richardson now has a permanent broken ankle, while fellow rider Cala Martella still has blood clotting on her hip.
Post date : 2018-02-21 00:58 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views MORON Tries to Smash a Storefront Window with a Brick, KOs His Friend Instead
Arguably the worst attempt at a robbery was caught on surveillance cameras in China. The video released by the Shanghai Police Department shows two unidentified men approaching a storefront window. The first man takes what appears to be a brick, and throws it the storefront but it bounces back off. The second man hurls another brick, but instead of hitting the window, it hits his accomplice in the head, knocking the man out. The second man hurries over, and can be seen dragging his partner away from the scene. The video has been viewed almost 15 million times since on the website Weibo, where it originally was posted.
Post date : 2018-02-21 01:01 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views Chicago Inmates Applaud Man Who Shot & Killed Police Commander!
Chicago inmates at a Cook County jail facility applauded a man who, last week, shot and killed a Chicago police commander execution style, leaving the officer dead, riddled with at least six bullets. The Cook County Sheriff's department released the video on Friday without comment. They say they plan to forward the video on to the Cook County State's Attorney's office so that the suspects who cheered can be identified, and the video can be used in their sentencing if they are convicted.
Post date : 2018-02-21 01:03 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views Moment Egyptian woman beats her harasser and gets him arrested
This footage shows a man harassing an Egyptian woman in Qana in Egypt. The woman beats him with her purse and gets him arrested to three years in prison, local media reports.
Post date : 2018-02-21 01:05 Posted by : moviegoer
8 Views Cow rams two kids playing outside their house
A white cow in India took its horns to two siblings, a toddler and an 8-year-old, while they were playing outside in the small village of Navilgona. An older family member shooed the animal away with a stick.
Post date : 2018-02-21 01:07 Posted by : moviegoer
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