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30 Views British actress Anna Reese is arrested after nightclub rampage
Happened in a Thai nightclub. Anna Reese, who starred in The Tsunami Warrior and Brown Sugar 2, 'began throwing things' after arguing with a group of men in the Bangkok venue last night. The 30-year-old is reported to have became aggressive when the bill came at around 12.30am. She allegedly stormed out of the club and tried to flee in her top-of-the range white BMW but rear ended a parked Mitsubishi. Anna, who blamed her behavior on family problems, was being tested for other substances Monday morning, the police are reported as saying. Footage recorded by onlookers shows the bare-footed actress in a wet t-shirt screaming incoherently in a drunken rage as police arrive to arrest her. She was held in a cell after being too drunk to be questioned and today charged with drunk driving after testing positive for alcohol. Colonel Arkom Chantanalat, chief of Huai Khwang police, said Reese had confessed to drink driving. He said: 'At this moment, we have charged her with driving under the influence. We have also sent her to the police hospital for narcotics testing. 'When we have the full evidence we can start a court case. She has been released with a 20,000THB (£450) bond.' The tearful actress appeared the next morning in front of the media and apologised. She said: 'I have many issues. I have to take care of my family, and my siblings.' In June 2015, Reese was charged with causing death by reckless driving after she ploughed into a parked police car, killing 44-year-old inspector Napadol Wongbandit. He was found dead with a cracked skull in the driver seat after the actress slammed into the rear end of his car, propelling the squad car into a tree along the road before it landed back on the motorway road. The actress had a meltdown after the crash and refused to be arrested and tested for alcohol at the scene saying she was ''not ready.'' Reese then refused to pay the THB6.2 million settlement requested by Napadol's family - saying she would only pay a maximum of THB2 million. Reese avoided jail and was ordered to do community service - parking outrage from the public who claimed the 'rich and famous' could avoid justice.
Post date : 2017-05-23 21:18 Posted by : peter88
11 Views Man brutally attacks two homeless men for catcalling girlfriend
A Bronx teenager who beat a 69-year-old homeless man to death after he catcalled his girlfriend is due to appear in court tomorrow morning. Branlee Gonzalez, 18, handed himself into police after they released CCTV footage of the assault. Gonzalez is accused of attacking Lucio Bravo and his 39-year-old friend in the early hours of Thursday morning. Bravo suffered massive brain injuries following the assault and died in hospital over the weekend. The second man was treated for extensive bruising. According to police, the teenager attacked the pair after they 'whistled and catcalled' his girlfriend. CCTV footage of the incident shows the girl trying to drag Gonzalez away from the man as he is being repeatedly punched. Gonzalez was arrested on Monday on assault charges and he being held in custody, although records show he is being held on one count of attempted murder. He is due to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court tomorrow.
Post date : 2017-05-24 23:07 Posted by : peter88
11 Views Truck has Brake Failure on Busy Street
A large truck loses its brakes in China, leading to a multiple-vehicle collision. Brake failures like this often occur in older trucks which is why it's important for truck drivers to do regular maintenance.
Post date : 2017-05-24 23:11 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Masked gunmen open fire on supermarket in southern China
This is the shocking moment a group of masked gunmen shot at people in a supermarket in southern China's Guangxi province. At least two men were injured in the incident which took place on May 17. One was shot in the chest, local policemen confirmed. Officers are now investigating the cause of the attack and looking for the suspects. Surveillance footage suggested the incident took place at a supermarket in Mudong town in Bobai county in May 17 at around 10:20pm. At least four masked gunmen emerged from a white minivan that stopped right in front of the store before they started shooting at the people inside. The suspects can be seen carrying weapons. At the time of the attack, there were over 10 local villagers watching television at the back of the store, a relative of the injured onlookers told Sohu News. 'The man who got shot in the chest was standing at the entrance when the gunmen started shooting,' said the relative. The assailants then got back into their vehicle and drove off. The attack was about 20 seconds long, as shown on CCTV. Villagers found five bullet-like objects at the supermarket after the attack. The motive behind the attack remains unknown but policemen are looking into the cause.
Post date : 2017-05-23 21:30 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Porsche Totaled During TEST DRIVE
A brand new Porsche gets totaled during a test drive, after a prospective buyer loses control on a turn. I hope he had insurance! Usually in a situation like this the dealership's insurance will cover the vehicle.
Post date : 2017-05-23 21:31 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Teacher arrested, caught on camera kissing a male student
Brian Kornbluth, a 28-year-old Boca Raton fourth-grade teacher was arrested after police say he was caught on video kissing a male student in his classroom this month. The boy and his sister told police this wasn’t the first time either. In one instance, the teacher is accused of trading kisses and hugs for candy, according to police. Attorney Kristine Rosendahl said her client is not currently teaching, but he plans to continue his career as an educator at a different school. She said Kornbluth is allowed to do that while on probation. Video Courtesy Boca Raton Police
Post date : 2017-05-24 23:09 Posted by : peter88
9 Views Cameras capture outrageous fight at Midwest City store
Security cameras at a Midwest City convenience store captured a fight by a group of a group of women who attacked a clerk.
Post date : 2017-05-24 23:12 Posted by : peter88
8 Views Stunning vision of whales in Sydney Harbour
Stunning photos of a pair of humpback whales have emerged from a recent Sydney Harbour tour depicting the magnificent mammals in their full glory. Delighted tourists were treated to a remarkable display from the whales - which has been hailed the best in 10 years - as their boat toured around the harbour entrance in search of the gentle giants. The huge animals didn't disappoint as they leaped into the air between North Head and South Head as eager onlookers were at the ready with their cameras on Sunday. Around 50 sightseers were lucky enough to witness the rare phenomenon of a double breach - where two whales simultaneously leap out of the water. Some were lucky enough to capture the perfect shot, with the picturesque backdrop of Sydney's city and harbour in the background. Tour organisers Whale Watching Sydney expressed their delight on Facebook after suggesting the sightings so early in the season were a moment to savor. 'I'm a little speechless here, second day of the season and we are already seeing double breaches. Quite the afternoon we had,' the tour company commented online. Jonas Liebschner of Whale Watching Sydney, who took the remarkable photos, told Daily Mail Australia the sightings were extremely rare. 'In 10 years of doing this work in Sydney Harbour that's the best double breaching photo I've seen.' 'In a season, you will normally see it happen probably twice, so for it to happen so early in the season, it's special,' he added.
Post date : 2017-05-22 00:39 Posted by : peter88
8 Views Buffaloes Try Saving Buffalo From Hunting Lions
These buffaloes decide that enough is enough and stick by the motto "all for one and one for all"... 39 year old, Riesdah Gabier, a sales consultant, captured this remarkable footage on 09 April in the Timbavati Reserve. Riesdah elaborates: “We had been following these two young lions for a few days. Guests who were staying at the Umlani Treehouse woke up to find the two lions outside the treehouse. This is how our ranger knew to start following them. We then spotted a herd of buffalo. Amongst them were two injured buffaloes slowing down the main herd. The lions were aware of this and started tracking these weaker ones. We sat and waited patiently until the herd had passed by, followed by the lions. The lions were very diligent and waited until one of the injured buffaloes fell far enough behind to attack it (the herd was still around in the bush). They managed to tackle him down, but the nearby herd was not having any of it! They did a 180-degree turn and came running around the corner to assist the hunted buffalo. The poor buffalo was rolled around like a toy car but the tactics of the herd paid off. They were able to chase the lions off their friend and get them to flee, literally “saving his bacon”. I had wanted to see something interesting, but this was beyond my imagination. We were in total shock. I felt empathetic towards the buffalo, hoping that it would get away unscathed. This was the first time I have ever seen lions or any of the big 5 in real life, my first ever safari. I was told that I am very lucky to have witnessed something like this, as many go to the bush for years without seeing anything remotely close to this experience.
Post date : 2017-05-22 00:42 Posted by : peter88
8 Views Elderly man wearing kippah viciously attacked near synagogue
An elderly Jewish man was viciously attacked while walking home from morning prayers at his temple in the Fairfax District in Los Angeles, California. Police are looking for the suspect in what they call a random attack. Video Courtesy LAPD
Post date : 2017-05-24 23:08 Posted by : peter88
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