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4 Views Dude Acting Crazy In Public Gets His Karma!
Dude Acting Crazy In Public Gets His Karma!
Post date : 2017-09-24 03:06 Posted by : peter88
4 Views Reckless Lorry Driver Smashes Through Level Crossing Barriers 0 AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to RedditShare to Email
A lorry driver who was caught on CCTV ploughing into level crossing barriers and getting his HGV trapped on the tracks has been jailed for eight months. Tencho Hristov was also banned from driving for two years and eight months after being found guilty of an offence at Chelmsford Crown Court. The 30-year-old tried to drive over the level crossing, adjacent to Roydon station in Essex, as the barriers came down on June 21. At about 10.45am he approached the level crossing and the lights began illuminating which indicated the barriers were about to lower. But he drove over the crossing despite the warnings and, as a result, the barriers became trapped between the driver’s cab and the trailer.
Post date : 2017-09-24 03:07 Posted by : peter88
4 Views Driver Banned For Eighty Years After Police Chase Ending In Crash 0 AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to RedditShare to Email
A student has been banned from the UK's roads for 80 years after leading police on a dramatic chase - with a car full of passengers. Mohammed Ahson, 20, was hit with the huge ban - thought to be one of the longest ever imposed - following the pursuit in February this year. He was considered a threat to others after the vehicle sped around a corner and ploughed into a marble bench outside Salford University in Greater Manchester. Astonishing footage shows the car careering round the corner - with police hot on its trail - before the horror smash in the early hours of the morning. The blue lights of the police cars then make their way round the corner as smoke billows from the vehicle. Ahsan, from Coventry, failed to stop for police because there were six people in the car, more than legally allowed, the Coventry Telegraph reports. He was summoned to court and found guilty on September 1 for dangerous driving at Manchester Magistrates’ Court. Ahsan was handed a 16-week prison sentence, suspended for a year, fines and disqualified from driving for 80 years. This means he will most likely never drive again in his lifetime. PC Matt Picton of Greater Manchester Police, said: “This driver panicked after having too many passengers in his vehicle.
Post date : 2017-09-24 03:07 Posted by : peter88
4 Views 'Thieves' caught on camera 'stealing from ambulance as paramedics desperately work on sick patient'
Two men are being hunted by police after they were caught on camera allegedly stealing from an ambulance as paramedics treated a sick woman. Personal items including house keys and wallets are said to have been taken, as well as medical equipment including a stethoscope, in the alleged theft . Footage from a camera inside the ambulance appears to show a man in a hoodie grab a backpack. Seconds later, he jostles a work tray and grabs a second bag. Police say they believe it was an opportunistic crime and are keen to track down the men after the reported theft in Dekalb County in Georgia, US.
Post date : 2017-09-24 03:09 Posted by : peter88
4 Views Steroid thug knocks out a restaurant owner with one punch leaving him blind in one eye
A violent steroid addict has been jailed for two years after he blinded a man when he knocked him unconscious with a single punch. Peter Clark, 27, hit restaurant owner Detjon Prenci in the face 'for no reason', on April 22 this year. The restaurateur was left with three fractures from the attack. CCTV was released after Clark was sentenced, and shows him stalking behind Mr Prenci before swinging a right hook to the side of his head. Mr Prenci falls and hits his head while Clark skips backwards in a boxing stance, and then calmly leaves the scene, in the Wees Lounge Bar in Bristol. Police were able to identify Clark from the shocking footage and tracked him down to a Southmead property where he was found hiding in the loft.
Post date : 2017-09-24 03:10 Posted by : peter88
4 Views Jilted boyfriend carries ex-girlfriend and her new partner on car bonnet for TWO MILES in debt row
A jilted boyfriend carried his ex-girlfriend and her current partner on the bonnet of his car for nearly two miles as he drove down a motorway. The dramatic dash was captured by traffic cameras in Taizhou City, a metropolis of about six million people in the east of China. Alarming footage shows a white SUV zooming along the road with a frightened couple desperately clinging to the front end of the vehicle. According to the couple's statement, the female victim was previously in a relationship with the driver of the 4x4, who owed her a large sum of money and had refused to return it. She and her new boyfriend apparently went looking for the driver - and their money - but he tried to avoid them by fleeing in his car.
Post date : 2017-09-24 03:11 Posted by : peter88
4 Views 18-year-old UNLEASHES ALL HELL On the Streets of Kankakee,IL with His Bulldozer, Even Destroyed the Police Car
In video that appears like a scene from Transformers, a bulldozer backs over a police squad car on a Kankakee street-and then leads a cordon of cops on a low-speed chase. The never-before-seen police dash cam videos, from various angles and numerous patrol cars, was obtained Monday by the ABC7 I-Team after a Freedom of Information Act filing. Police say 18-year old Austin White of Bourbonnais had stolen the bulldozer from a Bradley construction site at 3 a.m. on August 24 and began driving it around streets in nearby Kankakee. Clearly seen on one video the bulldozer backs over a squad car when an officer tries to stop him. That officer can be seen running from the squad just as the car is being crushed by the bulldozer, that weighed about 20 tons. An off-duty officer first reported seeing the bulldozer spinning around a Kankakee intersection and numerous on-duty units then responded. After backing onto the squad car, other police vehicles followed the dozer along 12 city blocks. Video obtained by the I-Team shows officers on foot running next to the bulldozer and at times jumping onto the back in an effort to curb the heavy construction equipment.
Post date : 2017-09-24 03:11 Posted by : peter88
4 Views Embarrassed Roommate Accidentally Broadcasts His Fap Session
That embarrassing moment when you think your phone is just muted, but it's actually playing in another room.
Post date : 2017-09-24 03:14 Posted by : peter88